Why Mondays are the BEST Day

If you've ever read my instagram captions, the frequency at which I've pronounced my love for Mondays is probably nauseating at this point. But I really can't help it-- no matter how many people try to create rain clouds on a Monday morning with phrases like "Is it the weekend yet?" "If Monday had a face I would punch it," and other various hate-statements. If we would all be open minded and look around us, you might also join me in my sentiment that the day after Sunday is certainly the best.

^^ I mean really, we all know it's nice to receive genuine compliments.  Monday mornings should particularly be filled with them :-)

^^ I mean really, we all know it's nice to receive genuine compliments.  Monday mornings should particularly be filled with them :-)

When you walk into a space (work place, school, etc.) on a Monday morning, despite maybe less smiles, everyone certainly looks fresh.  Most people did laundry and are wearing one of their favorite shirts, everyone's hygiene is on point because it's the beginning of the week, the lives of others appear more organized and rested. I read somewhere (the source is probably completely invalid but whatever) that most people don't smile until 11:16AM on a Monday. HUH? That's blasphemy. To fix that, it's easy. Unintentionally, I walk into Mondays with handfuls of compliments. And I mean them. Either from noting the beautiful pictures someone posted on social media from whatever they did that weekend, to a congratulations for something because I hadn't seen them since last week, or a compliment on their freshness today. It's surprising to realize how the simplest positive comment can really change someone's day (it surely changes mine.)

  If you have to force yourself to have that kind of positive energy Monday morning, we can all take a token from Shailene Woodley, who's morning routine sounds something like this: 

" The second I wake up, I scream very loudly [sings to the tune of “Good Morning” from Singin’ in the Rain], 'Good morning! Good morning!' And then I scream out, 'Exciting day! Exciting day!' I feel like it completely sets the mood for the whole day." [source]

Another reason Mondays are the best? Productivity. Obviously this doesn't apply if you're in medicine or other profession that requires working weekends, but it's true for the staff and team members with weekday jobs.  When I sit down with care managers and social workers on a Monday, despite any attitude, they're the best at getting. sh*t. done. This likely has to do with the confidence of several more weekdays ahead.  And it's awesome! If you've ever tried to get any type of tedious task done on a Friday, you know it's pretty helpless. The ship has sailed for the day. Like calling in prior authorizations to insurance companies so a patient can get a medication approved. Um, no thank you. You're certain your request will get lost in the abyss of 2 business days before you can harass them again. BUT ON A MONDAY, the work place is your oyster for productivity! Or think about the high-risk patient getting admitted on a Friday evening for chest pain. They should probably at some point get a stress test. You know when that's going to happen? MONDAY.  So this poor patient has to sit in the hospital all weekend waiting for the most productive (and best) day to complete their medical workup.  I'm sure there are several other scenarios in careers outside of medicine, but I'm a one-trick pony and only know this field :-P

On Mondays, everything is open! Aside from national holidays and strange little independent stores, the rest of the world is at your service.  You realized you need to get something done over the weekend (dry cleaning, go to the DMV, schedule a doctor's appointment, etc) but you're infuriated because you can't. You can't even check it off your to-do list that it's at least scheduled! Atrocious, right? BUT, Monday to the rescue.  Sweet voices pick up their office phones letting you know they are back in business despite the short weekend hiatus.  Your clothes can now be cleaned. Your license renewed.  Your dentist appointment locked down.  What a joyous world it is!  See, during residency I never understand when people complain that their 1 day off is during the week. Huh? Do you have any life responsibilities? Have you ever experienced the sheer joy of walking into a DMV where there's no line? I have, and it's beautiful. 10/10 would recommend. 

Mondays are for new beginnings. It doesn't matter what happened last week. Today is a fresh start and the opportunity to make it a great week/month/year.  Mondays are so commonly the day for starting over or trying something new, and even if there's "failure" in that attempt, the motivated energy is contagious. For the simplest example, think about how crowded the gym is on a Monday compared to a Thursday. This is the day to encourage yourself and those around you to finally commit to whatever change you wished to make.  Of course, any other day of the week would be fine, too.. by why not make it a Monday??

The next time you feel like joining in the masses with Monday blues and complaints, remember that they're kind of awesome and should be celebrated. Cheers! Now go smile before 11:16 am and let's get that average pushed up. 


Shanny DO